Our Process

Step 1 – Free Evaluation

When initially speaking with oweners, we determine the details of the renovation and establish budgets first, prior to arranging for material selections and designs.

Step 2 – Price Estimate, Planning & Design

Once a budget has been established, concept drawings are complete (if required), and specifications set out for the scope of work,we will provide you with a price that will include all aspects of the renovation.

Step 3 – Project Planning

After all the details of work are determined, and a quotation has been accepted, planning for your project begins: materials are ordered, and building trades are scheduled.

Step 4 – Construction Work Begins

Prior to the start of any work, we prepare your home for construction. Temporary partitions are set up, floors are protected, and tools are placed in a designated area.

Step 5 – Finishing Work Begins

Once the foundation has been set for finishing work, and all rough in construction has been completed, the pleasing elements of your project will start to come together.

Step 6 – Completion of Project

After the construction of your project is complete, you will be asked to review the work and give final approval.We will then inform you of any regular maintenance required to protect your investment.